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Reduce your hiring headaches. Quantum can help you find just the right talent – people who match both your requirements and your corporate culture. Let us take care of the legwork while you focus on growing your business.

Here are just a few of the things we do:

  • Leverage social media and technology to attract great people.
  • Recruit, screen and test candidates quickly and accurately.
  • Search for in-demand mid- to senior-level executives.
  • Source talent to meet the unique requirements of universities and government agencies.

What we do is deliver great results. Contact us to get started.

Direct Hire Placement

Find your next great hire.
A direct hire placement allows sourcing from 100 percent of the candidates on the market – both employed and transitional individuals.

This option includes screening, behavioral-based interviewing, testing as warranted, and reference checking. Additional screening such as drug testing and background or credit checks are available upon client request.

All direct hire placements are guaranteed! Should an employee fall shy of your expectations, Quantum will extend our comprehensive guarantee that offers 100 percent protection for the first 90 days.

Fees are based on a percentage of annual salary and invoices are issued upon start date, with net 10 day terms. Retained search options can be created to meet specific needs.

Make your next great hire with Quantum Recruiters



Take a test run before committing to hiring.
The temp-to-hire option allows clients to try out a candidate before transferring the candidate to the client’s payroll, after a predetermined amount of hours.

This option includes the sourcing, screening and qualifying of candidates, appropriate testing, behavioral interviewing and reference checking. The time spent in the position serves as a ‘working guarantee’ period.

The bill rate for this option includes the pay rate, employer costs and recruitment fees associated with this type of a hire.

Try out a new employee with Quantum Recruiters


Temporary Staffing

Complete projects on time, manage workload fluctuations and access tough-to-find talent just when you need it.
The temporary staffing option allows clients to add talent for varying lengths of time depending on varying needs. The workers remain Quantum employees for as long as you need them. We employ the same diligence in our recruitment processes, so you can be assured of top talent to support your interim needs.

Employees are paid weekly, client invoices are sent weekly and payment is due upon receipt. Should you choose to hire a Quantum employee to your payroll, a fee will be calculated that is appropriate to the situation.

Considering accounting, office, or information technology recruiting agencies?
Choose Quantum Recruiters.

Manage short-term hires better with Quantum Recruiters